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dat subtlety

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The Boxtrolls (2014) | Behind the Scenes

via Animation Magazine:

  • 1 week; the average amount of time for an animator to complete 3.7 seconds of footage
  • 3.5 inches, the cuff-to-cuff measurement of baby Eggs’ sweater (created on an embroidery machine to produce irregular lines, like a hand-knitted garment). His little socks are only ⅝” long
  • 4 scenes per week was the goal for each animator
  • 14 different fabrics were used in Lord Portley-Rind’s white hat
  • 24 kinds of weeds were created for backgrounds by the greens department
  • 55 different sculpts of prop cheeses were made; different scale sizes were needed for wide, medium and close shots
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make me choose:  freddie lounds or frederick chilton? (requested by whatdidyoudotodietoday)

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Remember when

  • Smuts were known as lemons
  • Yaoi Warnings ( Don’t Like, Don’t Read! )
  • Character x Character instead of Character/Character
  • Every Time We Touch videos, and the forgotten  Listen To Your Heart videos
  • Numa Numa
  • Naruto Phase
  • Bring Me To Life amv’s
  • citrus and lime warnings
  • when still allowed porn
  • when still allowed original writing before the great fictionpress split
  • deadjournal
  • when livejournal was invite-only
  • cardcaptors a mystic adventure
  • aim roleplay
  • when everyone had their own little fansites on geocities, angelfire, and tripod
  • character-bashing fic and anti-shrines
  • fanfic MSTing
  • save our sailors
  • the word “bishies”
  • AOL message boards
  • tinny background MIDIs on every page
  • "this page coded with notepad" and netscape buttons
  • "this page best viewed at 800x600"
  • "under construction" pages
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Will Graham being a panting mess  or more like…behold his sex face

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Forty years ago, a vast molten cavity known as the Darvaza crater – nicknamed the “door to hell” – opened up in the desert of north Turkmenistan, and has been burning ever since. Now, Canadian explorer George Kourounis has became the first to make the descent into the fiery pit to look for signs of life (x)
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Loki: brother don’t stick your dick in it 



Loki: brother don’t stick your dick in it 

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PAIRING: Hannibal Lecter / Will Graham
THINGS OF NOTE: post-Mizumono, Dark Will, slow & plotty 

The worst part about waking up in the hospital was waking up at all.

Something unfixable broke inside him. Something that was already broken, but now even more so.

Will Graham cannot fathom another return to the correctional facility, so he ensures his own freedom in the only way he sees possible – running. He just so chooses to run towards a particularly destructive path, following a very familiar trail of blood spilling across the Atlantic Ocean.

But he’s not the only one hunting and very quickly he finds himself under a dangerous thumb. The pigs have an excellent sense of smell, and while they may prove to be fatal they are also an opportunity.

(Post-Mizumono S02E13)

Read here!

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Cannibals Talking In All Caps [based on x]

There will definitely be more of these, so stay tuned to this station!

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